Men's trendy underwear trunk
Sunny Trunk
Sunny Trunk
Sunny Trunk

Trunk - the transformation underwear from boxer

Men's trunks are combination of sexy brief and traditional boxer. Both underwear are square design with shorter legs. The only difference of this 2 type underwear is men's trunks are body fitted cutting. Its getting popular for mens because the tight and fit design make sporty men feel like doesn't wearing anything. Some have enhancer effect to make the pouch in 3D looks.

You make get different young, colourful, enhancer trunk at FashionGraphy. If you are boxer lover, try to sexy up yourself with FashionGraphy's trunks.

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  • Underwear trunk for men
  • 2 strings at front
  • Sexy


  • Trunk underwear for men
  • Sexy and wild
  • Low waist
  • Suitable for party or event